Friday, 7 July
Jean-Charles Picaud Human Milk Banking World Wide
Sertaç Arslanoğlu Integration of HM Bank In Neonatal Units
Gillian Weaver Key Points for the Optimal Operation
Jean-Charles Picaud Effect of Pasteurization on HM Quality
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Paolo Manzoni Nutritional and Non-Nutritional Proteins in Human Milk: Balancing Growth with Bioactivity 
Saturday, 8 July
Umberto Simeoni Impact of Perinatal Nutrition on Future Health of Preterm Infants
Sertaç Arslanoğlu Benefits Of Donor Human Milk in Preterm Infants
Jean-Charles Picaud Human Milk Fortification
Neena Modi The Evidence for Human Milk Banking
Wally Carlo Oxygen Saturation Targeting
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Manish Sharma Latogenic Injuries During Vascular Access: How Safe?
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Arun Pramanik Antibiotic Stewardship
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Florent Wallet How Data Analysis from a Critical Care Information System Might Improve Patient Care And Outcome?
Sunday, 9 July 
Manuel Sanchez Luna Non Invasive Ventilation In Preterm Infants
Gianluca Lista Sustained Inflation in Premature Infants at Delivery
Wally Carlo Antenatal Steroids To Prevent CLD
Jean-Michel Hascoët Surfactant in Preterm Infants: Updates and Perspectives
Andrew Ewer Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects Using Pulse Oximetry
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Anup Katheria What’s new in Neonatal Resuscitation
Anup Katheria Why Delayed Cord Clamping is Bad
Ashok Gupta Amplitude Augmented Eeg In Aspxiated New Borns