Local Organizing Committee

Dr Manish Sharma

  1. Registrar, Rajasthan Medical Council
  2. Paediatric intensivist JKLON Hospital, department of paediatrics SMS Medical college, Jaipur
  3. In change Accident/Emergency JKLON Hospital
  4. In charge PICU JKLON Hospital
  5. State Nodal officer for Organ and Tissue Transplant for go, of Rajasthan
  6. State Merit Award holder for extraordinary work in the field of organ transplant and critical care
  7. Organizing Secretary for NCPCC 2015 (National conference of paediatric critical care)
  8. Secretary for Rajasthan chapter of paediatric critical care
  9. Ex chairperson NNF Vascular Access Committee
  10. Ex member NNF TPN (Total parenteral nutrition) committee
  11. Joint organizing secretary for First International conference of childhood rare diseases